The Cellar

The cellar of Quintodecimo is “inside” the vineyard. This is a very important point. In this case, the latency between collection and fruit pressing is almost zero. The grapes are pressed to maximum freshness and without any possibility of alteration. In addition, this condition responds to another basic requirement of wine production – wine and vineyard must represent a single entity to convey the idea of eternity, of infinity. In fact, it is the winery that I’ve always dreamed of. Simple, small, basic, without any particular technology, made mainly to satisfy my own inner need more than impress. For me, the winery is a place of peace, of nobility, of silence, of meditation, of concentration. It’s a simple but rational place which encourages man to be patient. Going to the cellar means passing from light to darkness. For this reason, the winery must be submerged in the ground. It’s dark place par excellence. It is underground and under the house. It is a place that I always dreamed of for my wine and so that has also been achieved at Quintodecimo. The wine, from winemaking to packaging, is thirty steps under the house. Knowing that you have to go down these steps to reach it, contemplate it, touch it, and taste it really is a unique pleasure that fills me with joy.

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