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The Birth of Our Logo and Label

Quintodecimo’s logo is inspired by the solar system: five moons orbiting along an ellipse around the caption Quintodecimo in harmony with a circle and a square built on the letter Q. In creating this logo, we were inspired by the famous “Vitruvian Man” by Leonardo da Vinci as a tribute to the originality and extraordinary eclecticism of one of the most important men of science in the history of humanity. The label essentially illustrates Quintodecimo’s fundamental elements: the logo with five moons and the caption in the background, “Vignaioli in Mirabella Eclano” (Wine makers in Mirabella Eclano); the motto “merum carmen telluris elatum”, an illustration of the vineyard with four birds in the sky representing the future, the wine’s name and its relative denomination. A very dear friend of ours, the renowned Luigi Veronelli, always encouraged us to initiate this wonderful adventure, for this “merum carmen telluris elatum” is our homage to his beautiful expression, “Wine is Earth’s song to the sky”.

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