In 2021 Quintodecimo celebrated 20 years. Intense years of work, study and passion, during which we realised the dream of living among the vineyards producing high quality wines, which are like a “return” of the origin territories, in the full respect of the environment, and with a very high ethical and cultural values.

Today the estate owns thirty hectares, divided into three cores: Mirabella Eclano, Tufo and Lapio. A natural diversity of soils and vineyards with the best expositions, entirely cultivated in a biological conduction. The project of producing wines only with our own grapes, taking care of the entire route, from the vineyard to the wine, gradually and patiently has been completed.

Knowledges accumulated in these years about the interaction between soils and historical grapes of the place, together with the will to run after the quality, created the right conditions to produce a new wine, fruit of the long experimentations on the grapes Greco, Falanghina e Fiano.

In the Grande Cuvée Luigi Moio, the three varieties of grapes from Campania are united in order to create an exclusive wine in which nature has been assisted by men in the intention to harmonize the notes of each of them so that nothing is dominant, but everything is in a wonderful balance. A wine which encloses the synthesis between the extraordinary vocation of the fresh and windy hills of Irpinia and its vineyards, perfect expression of a refined style which puts together harmony and elegance, distinguishing marks of Quintodecimo’s essence.

To twenty years from the beginning, this is the first wine which takes the name of his author to celebrate the great passion of the man who founded Quintodecimo.

Vintages produced: 2018 –2019 – 2020 – 2021

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